Child leads investigators to suspected I-35 road rage shooter

    Suspected road rage shooter Corey William Sorum (Bexar County Sheriff's Office)

    Officers say a young child helped lead them to a local man who is now accused of firing shots at another driver during a road rage incident along I-35.

    The incident unfolded along the southbound lanes of I-35 in Live Oak on October 16 when the driver of a gold-colored Toyota Tundra opened fire on another car after honking at them.

    The victims called 911 and officers found their car was shot several times, including one bullet that hit the head rest, just barely missing the driver's head. The driver side window also shattered. No one was seriously hurt in the accident.

    Several days later, a woman called the Live Oak Police Department to ask if they had responded to a road rage incident. When they said they had, she told them a child that was riding in the Tundra claimed the driver, identified as Corey William Sorum, fired shots at another car.

    Investigators say the child provided clear details about the shooting, including seeing the window of the other car shatter and seeing Sorum fire the gun, according to court papers.

    Corey William Sorum is now charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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