Church daycare closing despite parents efforts to fix finances

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Parents of children attending a catholic daycare on the southside are teaming up in hopes to keep the daycare open.

Despite their efforts it's still set to close in the near future.

Austen Casillas, Vice President of the St. Lawrence Day Care Parents Association thinks the closing of the school could be a sign of something more.

"We have a fairly large concern we have some mismanagement of the finances, not just in the day care, but these same folks manage the budget from the church." Casillas said.

We reached out to the Archdiocese of San Antonio for a response to that accusation and while they did not answer to it directly they say the daycare will close for financial reasons, but the parent’s association says they solved the problem.

"We came to the table in that last meeting with a recommendation of what could not only cover historical expenses but give us that cushion to cover expenses for the next couple years." Casillas said.

Solutions included raising tuition rates and more fundraising, but after those ideas were presented to the church, Juan Guerrero said the problem was simply swapped out for another.

"We present one solution then they throw out another problem we solve that problem then there's another problem shown in." Guerrero said.

According to parent’s association president Jesse Mendez other issues raised by the church included the facts that not enough parishioners attended the school, and also the fact that teachers haven’t been notified.

"Teachers have not been formally notified they are losing their jobs in May, they only heard from the parent association.” Casillas said.

Jesse Grippish is worried for parents are dealing with the reality of where to take their kids, with many area daycare’s having waiting lists.

"There's really no room for 70 kids to go out, parents are going to have to look outside the community.” Grippich said.

“I don't know where we're gonna put our kids, because there's nothing that compares to this place.” Casillas said.

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