City owed millions in unpaid fines and citations

City owed millions in unpaid fines

Although police write hundreds of tickets every day, sometimes they’re ignored.

Since 1952 hundreds of thousands of unpaid citations have added up in Leon Valley.

Town officials say it’s not unusual for uncollected fines to accumulate over the years in cities throughout the country.

“Leon Valley itself has about $7.5 million unpaid, or uncollected in tickets,” said Leon Valley City Manager Kelly Kuenstler.

All of those uncollected violations, are from previously cited misdemeanors by police.

"So had everyone hypothetically paid, Leon Valley could have benefitted from new infrastructure,” said Kuenstler. “Leon Valley could have potentially done some flood projects long overdue."

"I don’t want to get hounded,” Brandon Bone told us as he paid a ticket. “It's just a lot easier to just pay your ticket."

While many people do pay their fines, others don’t. City officials tell us that one person in particular has racked up $18,000 in citations, but still hasn’t paid a dime.

“If they get pulled over again, and they have a warrant, then they get arrested,” said Kuenstler.

New red light cameras go into effect on February 20th in Leon Valley. Violators will be charged $75 for running red lights, but the question becomes will they pay?

"This is absolutely another fee people might not pay,” said Kuenstler. “If they pay it late, there's a $25 late fee. If they don't pay that, it will go to a collection agency."

City officials tell us that no revenue is generated from traffic citations.

“It’s a mean of compliance, and safety for our city,” said Kuenstler.

If you have unpaid fines or citations in Leon Valley, or San Antonio, you’re urged to pay them online or at the municipal court as soon as possible.

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