Clinical Trials of Texas: Behind the scenes with a patient

Clinical Trials of Texas: Behind the scenes with a patient.

SAN ANTONIO – Currently in the Alamo City, residents are able to get involved in clinical trial studies and there’s benefits to participating.

Paul Robinson is one example. He is a patient through the Clinical Trials of Texas.

Robinson suffers from a thyroid condition.

“We would go through the process I would get here 7:30, 8 o'clock and we'd be through it at 9. It's really been kind of a breeze. I started having calcium deficiencies and they had no clue that was wrong,” says Robinson.

Robinson drives 300 miles just to make it to his monthly appointments.

The Clinical Trials of Texas is a research organization performing all kinds of studies in San Antonio.

Studies are conducted for numerous diseases, including diabetes, PTSD, and Alzheimer’s.

The first year I came probably 20 times. And then it went to every other month,” adds Robinson.

He says it has been six for him, but every trial is different.

“I'm 70 years old so you know. I'm not a spring chicken but I feel good,” adds Robinson.

Alison Mortenson is Robinson’s recruiter. She goes over everything that he needs to know in the pre-screening process.

“It's not as scary as always it's been made it out to seem. Yes, you're testing investigatory product and there's always risk in that but every medicine had to go through this process. You're basically being a medical hero and helping out all these people that need these medications in the future,” says Mortenson.

After the pre-screening process, Robinson meets with another employee.

“It's a safe environment. You're always being overseen throughout the whole process by a physician,” adds Mortenson.

Eventually Robinson will also see a doctor.

“You get to be on the cutting edge of medicine you're helping us find new treatments,” says Dr. Douglas Denham, with the Clinical Trials of Texas.

You get a lot more intensive interaction with the physician. Care, follow up on all those things.”

He says there are a lot of a benefits to participating.

“(It’s) paid for by the sponsor so there's no cost for you to participate in the trial. You benefit in forms of the stipend that you may get,” says Dr. Denham.

Patients can stop they trial anytime they want.

For now, Robinson says it has been a positive experience.

“According to my wife I have less cranky spells on taking these injections than I did on the pills. Even if doesn't help you, it's going to help somebody,” adds Robinson.

Currently, there are more than 30 on-going trials.

For more information on how to participate, head to the Clinical Trials of Texas.

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