Clothing & bedding top Christmas wish list for kids in shelter

Clothing & bedding top Christmas wish list for kids in shelter

SAN ANTONIO – Volunteers spent Tuesday decking the halls of The Children’s Shelter, bringing some holiday cheer to kids who have been removed from their homes because of abuse and neglect.

We visited the shelter to find tangible ways you can help children in need, all year long.

Each of the kids is now in the state’s care. The shelter is where they’ll spend Christmas.

"I think if you could show their faces, you would see joy and you would see peace,” shelter leader India Chumney says.

It’s an environment the shelter works hard to maintain for little ones who have already experienced tumultuous times.

"They want to be with their mom. They want to be with their dad,” Chumney says. "People really want to do something for our kids at the holidays because they know it's a tough time."

The shelter’s collecting plenty of toys, but what they really need most might surprise you.

"We're short on infant clothing, zero to 24 months,” Chumney says. “We always need diapers but particularly the larger-sized diapers because we have a lot of children that come in, that are older, and they're not potty-trained yet. Their parents just have never taken the time to do that."

The kids also desperately need twin bedding and crib sheets, plus gift cards for emergencies.

"And when you work in an emergency shelter, everything is usually an emergency,” Chumney says.

She says the simple wish list will make a child’s eyes light up Christmas morning.

"We're able to give back to kids that have nothing, and kids that have come here not because of anything they've done, but because someone that they really depended on just didn't do a very good job,” Chumney says. “And they're happy and they're safe. It just makes you feel great and it makes you feel like it's all worth it."

You can drop off donations during business hours at The Children’s Shelter’s main building at the corner of Woodlawn and St. Cloud.


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