Community rallies for family after the loss of their child


    SAN ANTONIO -- Be strong for each other, the words echoed by those filling the streets the remember Angel Gebara, the 14-year-old boy shot and killed when hit by a stray bullet.

    While his family grieves, the community came out to support them at a plate benefit to help cover upcoming funeral expenses.

    Belinda Guzman packed bags, grabbed drinks, and did everything she could to support the family of Angel Gebara after tragedy struck.

    “It was unbelievable, it was pain wrecking and just to think this was a child not even 15 years old.” said Guzman.

    At a plate benefit to help the family with funeral services and unpaid bills, Guzman says there is something they hope to raise other than money, awareness.

    "For this child to die in his own house, it's heartbreaking, very heartbreaking. Enough is enough. And everything has to come to an end with these type of tragedies,” Guzman told us.

    Coming to support the family, 21-year-old Jorge Ramirez is still trying to understand how it all happened.

    "Just how unfortunate a situation can be, a random bullet just hit somebody, Ramirez said.

    But he does understand what's most important for everyone moving forward from the loss.

    "Be strong for each other, help out in any way can. That's the best way to do it.” explained Ramirez.

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