Community remembers father of two killed in a hit-and-run

Community remembers father of two killed in a hit-and-run.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Michael Smith, a father of two, was remembered Sunday night after he was hit and killed while walking home from work last month.

Melissa Wallace is Michael’s ex-wife. She's concerned about unsafe drivers in the area near Woodstone Drive and Vance Jackson Road where Michael was hit.

“I think there should be a very important change of what's going on,” Wallace said. “On that same day another person was hit by a car as well.”

District 8 councilman Manny Pelaez sees the problem too.

“As we were standing here remembering Michael the gentleman who passed away who was killed, cars were speeding past us they saw that we were having a candlelight vigil and they were going quickly zipping past us,” Pelaez said.

Pelaez said he is going to look into what and if anything can be done to get drivers to slow down.

“This can't continue and every single one of us at city hall has this as one of our priorities and it's because this story has played out too many times,” Peleaz said.

Wallace hopes something changes soon before another family has to plan a funeral.

“Just have a little bit more patience you know especially on the roads and just have a sense of calmness throughout the city,” Peleaz said.

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