Congressman Will Hurd talks about DACA, Me-Too, and Trump's first year

Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group

WASHINGTON -- Congressman Will Hurd is back in D.C. and has made a long to-do list for himself. We asked him about some of issues he hopes to address this year and his opinion on other matters on the 'hot topics' list in Washington right now.

Cyber Security. We started out asking him about cyber security and how it will impact San Antonio and the rest of Texas. Congressman Hurd wants to find a way for the private and public sectors to communicate. He told us that not only is San Antonio Military City, USA, it's becoming Cyber Security City, USA and he wants a talent pipeline for the future.

DACA/Border Security. Next on the list was DACA. Congressman Hurd says the Dream Act failed to pass and now it's time to move on to something a little bit different. He says we need a permanent legislative fix for kids that came here not by their own doing while also solving border security.

Me-Too Movement. Hurd believes it's important to create a environment in any workplace that women feel comfortable and can flourish and prosper and said we "have a ways to go."

Safety at the Olympics. Congressman Hurd said he believes this is a "big deal that not enough people are talking about." He said he believes the fact that North Korea and South Korea are talking may "help bring down the rhetoric and bring down the blood pressure for everybody in this region."

Trump's First Year. Congressman Hurd believes Trump's biggest accomplishment is tax reform, which he says will impact everyone in America. He said this year, he hopes we can improve NAFTA and not pull out.

FISA Bill. Hurd says FISA is a very important tool for the intelligence community and is used to stop terrorism. He believes the changes will strengthen the 4th Amendment protections, and he wants the men and women in the intelligence services are able to have all of the tools they need to keep us safe.

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