Constable deputy on administrative leave following fatal crash

    A Bexar County constable deputy on administrative leave after fatal crash (SBG Photo)

    A Bexar County constable deputy involved in a fatal accident is out of the hospital and is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

    San Antonio Police got the call around 3:15 Tuesday afternoon.

    Investigators say constable Kelvin Oneil was responding to a call.

    Oneil had his emergency lights on and tried to swerve to avoid hitting a silver Subaru sedan.

    Precinct two constable Michelle Barrientes Vela says Oneil was on his way to help another deputy, but she wouldn't go into any more detail with me.

    According to the crash report, the Subaru was trying to make a turn before being t-boned by the constable's SUV.

    86-year Floyd Hitzfeld was sitting on the passenger side, which took the brunt of the impact, and he later died

    A witness told police they saw the constable's car speeding up with his emergency lights on before the accident.

    At last check Helen Hitzfeld who was driving the Subaru is still recovering in the hospital.

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