Construction accelerates on Google Fiber, AT&T Fiber

AT&T Fiber flag posted in the Dignowity Hill neighborhood east of downtown San Antonio (Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group)

SAN ANTONIO – City leaders were briefed Wednesday on the progress of high-speed fiber Internet that’s rolling out across San Antonio.

Four companies, including Google Fiber and AT&T Fiber, have active fiber permits. Construction will accelerate this year, with thousands more miles of fiber optic cable to be installed citywide.

After a number of problems related to contractors hitting utility lines and neighbors being caught off guard by the construction, the city implemented stricter requirements for communication.

Now, a contract must give a 30-day notice to city council and affected neighborhood associations before starting construction. Electronic message boards must be posted on main roads seven days in advance and door hangers posted three days ahead of time.

The timeline remains two to three years for AT&T Fiber and Conterra. Another company, Zayo, has the same timeline but plans to sell or lease access to its infrastructure instead of offering service directly to consumers, according to Mike Frisbie, director of the Transportation and Capital Improvements Department, who addressed city council Wednesday. Google Fiber has an estimated deployment of four to five years.

“Even if the deployment overall is a four- or five-year period, as soon as these companies are able to, they’re providing that service to the residents,” Frisbie said in an interview.

“These companies are looking to deploy as fast as possible so they can get customers on board and provide that great service,” he said.

Already, 150,000 San Antonians are online through AT&T Fiber, Frisbie said, adding everyone in the city will have at least one option by the time the construction finishes.

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