County commissioner weighs in on President's infrastructure plan

County commissioner weighs in on President's infrastructure plan.PNG

SAN ANTONIO- Just this week, President Donald Trump introduced in a bill his plan to rebuild the Country's infrastructure.

One idea stated in the bill includes allowing "states flexibility to toll on existing interstates" like I-35 and I-10 and reinvest those revenues in infrastructure.

Bexar County Commissioner Kevin Wolff says adding tolls to existing interstates would likely not sit well with commuters. Plus, it's against state law.

“We've made it very clear in this State that the appetite for taking existing roadways and turning them into tolls is nonexistent. I mean there's (a) State statute against that,” Wolff said.

But when it comes to new infrastructure, Wolff says it’s a little different.

“For example I-35 in our current plan today, is to add four new managed toll lanes, two in each direction but those would be new lanes. You can still have the existing as non-tolled by state statue we would not be able to toll the existing,” Wolff said.

Right now, Wolff says there's a 25-year plan that includes 20 billion dollar’s worth of infrastructure needed, based on growth. Even now, revenue is a huge concern.

“Over that same time period take out tolls the only amount of revenue we will take in is 7 billion that doesn't take a mathematician to figure out that there is a big difference between 7 and 20 billion. So what that tells you is overall, we got a real problem when it comes to revenue for transportation,” Wolff said.

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