Coworkers identify woman found at low water crossing in Llano

Coworkers identify woman found at low water crossing in Llano (Photo: CBS Austin)

Coworkers say the woman found dead at a low water crossing in Llano Tuesday was just trying to get to work at a nursing home.

County officials haven’t released the identification of the woman yet, but coworkers at a Llano nursing home say the woman found at a low water crossing is 58 year old Rebecca Biddy.

Biddy’s body was found in her car at a low water crossing on Sandstone St. at Flag Creek.

Her coworkers Nikki Palacio and Paula Judkins say Biddy was on her way to work most likely around 5 a.m. Tuesday. They believe she wanted to get there to help her elderly residents and relieve staff.

“It just shows her heart and where her heart was at,” Palacio said.

The low water crossing is just two streets away from the nursing home.

Palacio and Judkins say they never would’ve thought they lost one of their own to the floods. Then a police officer broke the news.

“It was heart wrenching,” Judkins said.

Both say their staff is like a family and now they’ve lost a family member.

“She’s a mom, grandma, and a friend to a lot of people so it’s just, thinking about them,” Palacio said.

Residents like Mary Lou Grenwelgie say they all cared for Biddy.

“Everbody loved her,” Grenwelgie said. “Because she was so sweet and nice and kind.”

Another staff member George Velez actually helped rescue a woman stuck in a truck at a bridge that was washed over down the street from the nursing home.

It was an incredible rescue where he tethered himself and went to go get her. He said a few minutes after he got her to safety the water completely covered her truck.

That rescue was around the same time Biddy was stuck herself a few blocks away.

“It breaks my heart,” Velez said.

Many staff members had never gone home on Thursday since the floods. That’s because they were cut off by the high waters on Tuesday which was one of the worst, helpless feelings because they couldn’t get to their residents.

They don’t want to chance that happening again. That’s why they believe what happened to Biddy could have happened to any of them.

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