CPS Energy launches solar security light pilot

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SAN ANTONIO - A new pilot program seeks to improve safety in one West Side neighborhood.

CPS Energy is testing solar powered lights in dimly lit areas.

Devin Walker takes care of his lawn and found a way to take care of dark areas around his home.

"It was terrifying to walk out at night," Walker said.

Before installing his own light he says there were regular drug deals and shootings in his alley and he has the video to prove it.

"It would wake me up anytime between midnight to 3 a.m.," Walker recounted. "It would just be a shooting once a week or so."

CPS Energy will soon install solar security lights as part of a pilot program.

The utility company will focus on alleys and other dark sections in District 5.

"Many of these will be targeted toward senior citizens in areas where there's been some crime," Gonzales said.

District 5 Councilwoman Shirley Gonzales has successfully spearheaded efforts to install led lights and recognizes more light sources are needed.

"This particular light is solar so there's no cost we just ask that it be installed properly and that's what CPS Energy is going to do to make sure the first round goes off without a hitch," Gonzales said.

The solar lights are energy efficient and will be free of charge to host homeowners.

Devin Walker thinks it's a good idea that will help improve security.

"It really shouldn't matter where you live, who you are what your income is; you should be able to step out of your door at night and expect to make it wherever you need to go safely," Walker said.

The pilot program officially rolls out in April.

CPS Energy will install and monitor the lights.

Once the pilot is over San Antonio city leaders will decide if the program should be expanded.

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