Criminals targeting vehicles at San Antonio shopping centers

Criminals targeting shopping centers

A popular San Antonio shopping center could be a new target for criminals.

"I wouldn't come back here,” said Jennifer Cole. “I wouldn't recommend it to anybody else at this point either."

Cole tells us that her Ford truck had been locked outside of Lupe Tortilla at The Rim.

After she finished a meal with her family, Jennifer noticed many items had been taken from her truck.

“I thought my personal items were safe inside here,” said Cole. “My valuables were gone within seconds.”

Ray-Ban sunglasses, a credit card, her brother’s .40 pistol, and a .22 double action revolver were all taken.

“The officer told us that break-ins happen here all of the time,” said Cole referring to The Rim. “Just the day before, there had been break-ins.”

A spokesperson from the Rim provided us a written statement regarding Cole’s accusations.

“Vehicle break-ins or thefts are in no way peculiar to The Rim, but a trend that is hitting the entire northwest San Antonio corridor,” said Mark Clegg from Hines.

"I didn't know,” said Cole. “I had an alarm on the truck. I felt safe and secure."

Whoever took Jennifer’s stuff, went on a quick shopping spree.

“They went to Bill Miller’s Bar-B-Q and spend $160,” said Jennifer. “Then $292 at Sun & Ski. Another $404 at Orvis.”

Cole tells us that her vehicle’s car alarm no longer works. In addition, some of the doors no longer walk.

“I highly recommend that you park your vehicle in view, and you don't leave any valuables inside,” said Cole.

Below is the entire statement, sent to us from a spokesperson from The Rim.

“The management and security teams at The Rim work closely with the San Antonio Police Department to provide our patrons with a safe and enjoyable experience when shopping or dining with us,” said Mark Clegg. “We are continuously altering our tactics and deployments in response to specific incidents and trends. Vehicle break ins or thefts are in no way peculiar to The Rim, but a trend that is hitting the entire northwest San Antonio corridor.”

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