Cruz and former President Clinton campaign in San Antonio

Bill Clinton (FOX San Antonio Photo)

SAN ANTONIO - It was an exciting Monday in San Antonio with both parties wanting to win the Texas Primary on Tuesday.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz wrapped up his day in Houston and made a stop right here in the Alamo City.

However, Senator Cruz wasn't the only one campaigning in the city.

Former president Bill Clinton also stopped in San Antonio to stump for his wife, Hillary Clinton.

According to the polls, Senator Cruz has a strong lead in Texas over Donald Trump and so does Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Senator Cruz pushed to win his home state during his rally at the Shrine Auditorium

"It is great to be home," he said.

While former President Clinton made his final stop to win votes for Hillary's nomination at the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center.

"Are you going to vote for Hillary tomorrow?" asked Clinton to an excited crowd.

Clinton promised voters Hillary is the best candidate for president with focus on improving transportation, raising the minimum wage, and eliminating the college debt.

"She proposes to every single person to pay that debt back as a small fixed percentage of your after tax income," he added.

For Senator Cruz, it didn't take long to talk about the competition.

"It is easy to say you want to make America great again. You can even print that on the baseball cap. But the real question is do you really understand the principals and values that make America great in the first place," said Cruz.

The senator also honed in on reforming the tax code, securing our border, and the military.

"We are going to re-build the military so it remains the most fighting force on the face of the planet," he added.

While the former president focused on Hillary's experience in office.

"For 45 years I have watched her everything she has ever touched every person she ever met better in and out of government, she is the best game changer I have ever known," he said.

Senator Cruz also said if Donald Trump is the nominee - that's effectively handing the presidency over to Hillary.

Candidates Donald Trump and Hillary were campaigning in Georgia and Virginia Monday.

For both parties, Texas has the largest number of delegates of any Super Tuesday state.

If you want to watch the entirety of either speech -- online right now at Fox San Antonio and we also have a link so you can check where you are supposed to vote.

Don't forget to cast your vote! To find out where you vote in Bexar County, CLICK HERE...

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