Dad Running Half Marathon in Daughter's Name

By: Erin Nichols
Fox San Antonio

SAN ANTONIO, TX - Every other night after work, you'll find Cecilio Torres running a few miles in the park preparing for the Rock "N' Roll Marathon.

It's not easy, but as he takes each step, he knows he has an angel beside him.

"She was always excited," said Torres. "When we would talk about it her response would be, "Yay! I'm going to run with daddy!'"

Torres' daughter, Gabriella, was supposed to be in the marathon with him.

"We had just purchased a stroller for her and the plan was to run with her," he said. "We received it just a day before she declined."

On November 7, a week after her 6th birthday, Gabriella passed away.

"We know that she's not suffering anymore," he said. "She's running and walking again."

Gabriella, nicknamed "Baby G' by her mom Isabel Torres, was diagnosed with a rare brain tumor called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma or DIPG in March.

The relentless cancer claims most children within two years of diagnosis and paralyzed Baby G at the time of her death.

"To hear the doctor say that there was no cure or treatments and that she would probably not make it was very difficult," Isabel Torres said.

However, the only thing more relentless than the cancer was Baby G's strength.

"Throughout it all our little girl smiled," Torres said. "She never complained.

She never asked why things were happening. Even when she became paralyzed she didn't ask why."

Although the tears will never stop, Baby G's family felt inspired by her strength to press on.

They're raising awareness about DIPG and money for research.

"There is very little funding and really no cure for DIPG," he said.

And so step after step, Torres stays on track, each day going an extra mile for his daughter.

"What better way to honor my little girl than to find a cure," he said.

To make a donation in honor of Baby G, go here.

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