Power restored for disabled woman who uses oxygen tank

Disabled woman's power restored

BOERNE, Texas - A disabled woman who requires an oxygen tank to breathe turned to us for help after her power was cut off.

After we made phone calls, her power was turned back on.

Nancy Johnson turned to us for help after Boerne Utilities shut off her power.

"If I don't have this on, then there's a possibility I won't wake up," Johnson said.

When we stepped in, she had 24 hours worth of oxygen tanks.

"We've told them several times that I live off oxygen and they just cut me off, they basically told me it wasn't my problem," Johnson said.

Boerne Utilities said this is the first they're hearing of it and that they've reached out multiple times to work with family on payment options.

They sent us this statement:

The customer did not return calls nor has the customer ever notified our office that there is someone living in home that requires critical care.

Boerne Utilities said if you're in a situation similar to the one Nancy is in, you have to fill out a critical care form.

In this case, Boerne Utilities faxed one to her caretaker.

In the meantime, her power has been turned back on through the MLK holiday.

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