District 2 neighborhood associations criticize council choice for city seat

ART HALL INTERIM DIST 2 COUNCILMAN_db.0046_frame_643.png

Art Hall was chosen as a new voice for district two.

"Part of my interests, and me will always be to reach out and create bridges." Hall said.

But one group of homeowners associations and residents from the East side led by Rose Hill, said their voice went unheard after their recommendation to the city from weeks of meetings failed to make the grade.

"We do understand the city has a process, we too have a voice and we too have a process and we followed that to the best of their ability." Hill said.

With some, like Liz Franklin, wondering why the city wouldn’t even consider their candidate as an act of good faith.

"We were all held to a separate standard, mom and dad thought they knew what was best for us and failed to take into consideration one of the three slots could have easily been the community pick." Franklin said.

Others think the selection echoes the effect of years of indifference.

"This community has been neglected and you can walk and drive through this community and see the economic things and social ills that exist because the lack of economic development." One resident said.

All creating a task charged to one man, trying to create a fix in the next four and a half months.

"We gotta build bridges and create unity, everyone has to do that right after and election or appointment, Yes I'll sit down with all those folks and make sure I can be that bridge for them." Hall said.

Hall cannot sit with or vote on city issues until January 20th, but Mayor Nirenberg has a proposal to allow District Two to have a voice in the selection of a new city manager.

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