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Districts address clown threats with letters to parents

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SAN ANTONIO- Parents across San Antonio aren't laughing at the growing number of social media accounts showing clowns threatening schools and students.

"History has taught us we have to take everything seriously," said Eddie Luna who has a middle school aged daughter.

"Certainly given the time, Halloween right around the corner, we'll certainly see an increase in posts," said Barry Perez the spokesperson for Northside School District.

A letter sent home to parents Monday said Connally Middle School was mentioned specifically in a recent threat.

"Going here tomorrow," said the online clown account.

Perez said they've seen these threats before, but he and the school's principal told us they wanted to increase security.

"We wanted to make the precautionary measures," said Perez. "Notifying Northside police and making sure some additional patrol was on campus and in the area."

"They responded very well, taking it very seriously as they should," said Luna who was impressed that district and San Antonio Police took threats his daughter found to five nearby schools seriously too.

"Supposedly Wally whoever, Wally is is coming on Friday," he said. "Our daughter keeps texting us that she doesn't want to be at school."

"The safest place for those students is at school knowing staff will be diligent, police will be diligent, and campus administrators will remain diligent as well."

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"I hope after today it dies down," said Luna. "This is just ridiculous."

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