Does San Antonio have too many school districts?

(MGN Online)

State Rep. Diego Bernal is asking people for their feedback on whether Bexar County has too many school districts.

Students here attend 17 different districts.

Bernal floated this question on Facebook and Twitter: “At this point, why do we need so many school districts in San Antonio/Bexar County? What's the argument for keeping things as they are?”

“For the most part, people don’t believe we need 17 anymore,” he said of the feedback he’s gotten so far. “No one really wants one (district), and I understand that. But they sort of ran out of reasons why we need so many.”

Bernal said fewer districts would streamline operations, with fewer superintendents and other administrators needed. It could be one way to combat rising property taxes.

He wants to explore whether fewer districts would also help the issue of inequality in San Antonio.

“One of the challenges in even talking about it is – How do you bring students up without bringing any students down?” Bernal said. “In other words, I’m not interested in bringing students up at the expense of others. That’s not on the menu. That can’t be a part of the conversation.”

One commenter said four or five districts would be sufficient for San Antonio. Others said they like local control and smaller districts allow easier access to elected officials and administrators.

The Texas Education Agency has policies on consolidation that lay out the process, involving school board or voter approval.

Bernal said he hasn’t made up his mind on the topic and is still listening to others who want to share their thoughts with him on social media.

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