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"Doing our best..." Wellness 4 Warriors needs help to continue helping military veterans

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Honoring military veterans is observed annually as a national holiday.

For the past two decades, Wellness 4 Warriors has been working to support veterans in Texas by providing healthier home environments.

Fox San Antonio's Problem Solver Darian Trotter has a look at the program, and how you can help.

"I love it," said Lynda Brown.

Marine Veteran Lynda Brown loves her home.

She's enjoyed it, the past 20-years.

"The lord blessed me with it, so I love it," Brown said. "I love my home."

She even shares her blessing by opening her home up to other veterans visiting Military City USA.

"They want to come and visit San Antonio to see what it's like, and I allow them to come and stay with me instead of renting a hotel," Brown explained.

Now the veteran who helps veterans needs help.

She's got a faulty air conditioning unit.

"I've had issues with it over the years," Brown said.

That's putting it lightly.

She showed us the unit that doesn't keep cool in the searing Texas heat.

It also leaks; causing flooding issues on the floor and ceiling downstairs.

Several repairmen have given a bleak outlook.

The pan underneath, it's all rusted out," Brown described. "He told me eventually it's going to fall through the ceiling."

The cost to replace the unit and repair the floor, an estimated $6,000 to $10,000.

"That's a lot that I cannot afford," Brown said. "I just don't have the money to do that."

Lynda believes mold, from moisture is causing breathing problems.

"It's very stressful, very stressful," Brown said.

Shaunnesy Rodriguez said, "This is something god's put on my heart."

Shaunnesy Rodriguez started Wellness 4 Warriors to improve the lives of military veterans across the state, by providing healthier home environments.

For twenty years, the non-profit has helped provide cleaner water, air and a better sleeping environment.

"Doing our best to give back to veterans who give us our freedom," said Rodriguez.

Wellness 4 Warriors has donated a portable air purification system for Lynda brown.

"I feel like it would help my breathing issues a lot because I'm not breathing toxins anymore," Brown said.

Rodriguez said, "We didn't have the funding to do the whole home."

After 2-decades, the need for help from veterans has grown beyond measure.

Wellness 4 Warriors is limited in its ability to fully help veterans like Lynda brown.

"We're Military City USA, there's bound to be someone out there or a business or a local group of people who can say we are going to give back and help this veteran who has fought for our freedom," Rodriguez said.

Brown said in advance, "Thank you so much for your generosity and I promise to pay it forward."

The need for help from veterans has grown so much, Wellness 4 Warriors currently has a state-wide waiting list.

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Follow the link, if you'd like to help Wellness 4 Warriors carry out its mission.

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