Dozens arrested after 'Operation: Crystal Lake' near San Antonio

Operation: "Crystal Lake"

Dozens of people are behind bars after a major drug investigation led to nearly 40 arrests in Comal County. It was all part of a 5-month long investigation called, “Operation: Crystal Lake.” More than 11 difference agencies combined to create a task force designed at targeting known methamphetamine traffickers.

“Everybody knows it's a problem,” said Joe Dowlear a Canyon Lake resident. “That's why they're trying to take back the lake.”

“The goal of operation Crystal Lake, was to make a significant impact on the distribution of meth in Comal County,” said Comal County Criminal District Attorney Jennifer Tharp. “Especially Canyon Lake.”

In total, 39 people are now in custody for felony drug and weapon charges. Officials tell us the operation has uncovered 1 pound of cocaine, over 40 grams of heroin, illegal fire-arms, stolen vehicles, $5,000 cash, and 11.5 pounds of meth.

“When you have the opportunity to properly investigate, prosecute drug traffickers, and put them in jail, it makes our community safer.” Said Dante Sorenello from the San Antonio Drug Enforcement Administration. “Ultimately that's what I get paid to do.”

“To see those people loaded up and on their way to jail, is what made me the proudest yesterday,” said Comal County Sheriff Mark Reynolds.

Although the operation has been a success throughout the past few months, authorities say they’re not done just yet.

“We're still on you, we said we were going to make some noise,” said Sheriff Reynolds. “We've shown that we are, and we will not stop. We'll be relentless in our pursuit; we will get you.”

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