Drunk driver crashes into home after barriers were removed

(SBG San Antonio)

San Antonio — Chris Graves had a rude awakening Sunday night when a car driven by an alleged drunk driver crashed through his dining room wall.

“You could hear the engine running and sound like someone trying to leave you could smell the smoke. So I grab my phone call 911 and headed downstairs,” Graves said.

Ziron Harlow, 21, was arrested for drunk driving and possession of marijuana.

Graves bought this home just a couple months ago.

The back of the home faces a T-intersection, Woodlake Parkway and Lakeview. According to people who live in the neighborhood, this area is notorious for cars crashing into neighboring properties.

Evidence is seen is many places along wood fencing where wood has been replaced.

According to Bexar County, there were 43 crashes at this intersection from 2008 to 2013.

The county installed wood bollards with reflectors in 2013 which dramatically reduce crashes at the intersection.

From 2013 until now there have been 14 crashes.

But 7 bollards installed directly behind Graves’ home were removed.

“Somebody was doing work out here and removed them in the past couple of weeks and they haven’t been put back, so that would’ve helped slow down [the car]. I don’t know what I stopped him or even saved the fence,” Graves said.

According to Bexar County, there are a couple of utilities that have been doing work at this spot, but no one pulled a permit to remove these bollards.

The county is still investigating to see exactly which company did removed them and is sending crews to reinstall the bollards.

Also, the county will be doing a warrant study looking at traffic patterns to see if more resources, such as a traffic signal, need to be added.

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