E.coli outbreak on romaine lettuce reaches Texas

The E.coli outbreak on romaine lettuce that has killed one and resulted in more than 100 people becoming sick has now hit Texas.

The Texas case is the state's first reported.

Although there have been no reports in Abilene, there are some things people should be on the lookout for to avoid getting sick.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website, there have been 149 cases of reported infections tied to romaine lettuce and one death.

The E.coli outbreak has reached 29 states, including Texas.

Beth Lantrip, an infection specialist at Hendrick Medical Center, said E.coli lives in us. She said it's a bacteria that can be harmless, but when consumed, it can sometimes make you sick.

"The hallmark symptoms are either nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea,” Lantrip said. “Diarrhea is the big one, kind of that watery sudden diarrhea usually it's after recently within consuming the affected product."

Other symptoms include severe stomach cramps and kidney failure.

If you notice any of these symptoms, Lantrip said you should stay hydrated and see a doctor right away.

The outbreak began in March. Although it can be life-threatening, the CDC states that most people recover within a week.

“Most of it is about the proximity of manure, either animals out in the field that are close by and rain, things of that nature, and contamination,” Lantrip said.

The romaine lettuce contaminated with E.coli comes from the Yuma growing region in Arizona.

Lantrip said people should pay attention and make sure the lettuce you’re consuming does not come from Arizona.

"If you've got something that you're not sure what it is in a food that you eat, you wanna make sure you're avoiding that food," Lantrip said.

Even when vegetables aren't contaminated, Lantrip said you should always wash your them thoroughly.

For more information on the E.coli outbreak on romaine lettuce, you can visit the CDC website:

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