East Side community remains hopeful despite continuous violence

East Side community remains hopeful despite continuous violence

San Antonio Crime happens often near one East Side street corner, but members of the community remain hopeful.

Tensions in the area are so high, police say an exchange of glances on Ferris Avenue and Bellinger Street led to a man getting shot in the 3200 Block of Martin Luther King Drive.

Community members, however, have not been bystanders to the recurrent crime in the area. Less than a month ago, community members came together at that very street corner for a neighborhood clean up -- an effort to weed out crime like Friday’s shooting. But, still the violence lingers.

Pastor Oscar L. Dean Sr. took part in that cleanup.

Though it hurts his heart to see the violence continue, he doesn't want people giving up on their communities.

“Once you continue to be diligent in that area, in that environment, it will make a difference,” said Pastor Dean.

Officer Doug Greene says officers are getting out and talking to people.

“Those conversations are happening all the time, if we can reach one we can reach many,” said Officer Greene.

It's a mentoring approach Pastor Dean says makes a difference.

Darius Harris is his living proof of that philosophy.

“You grow up in these societies but you can't let that conform you,” said Harris.

Harris said he doesn't allow violence to dictate his life. Instead, he's living by faith, going to school to become a chemical engineer.

Pastor Dean says talking and mentoring are two other ways to get areas like Ferris and Bellinger cleaned up.

“We can't give up on them," said Pastor Dean. "We got to continue to impart into them, show that there is a better way."

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