East side neighbors look to newly elected councilman to help attack crime problem

    East side neighbors look to newly elected councilman to help attack crime problem

    SAN ANTONIO- Crime is rampant on the streets of one East side community.

    “It happens throughout the day it happens throughout the nighttime,” said Sylvia Vasquez.

    Sylvia Vasquez isn't like some of her neighbors who are afraid to speak out. She's voicing what she wants and that's change in the amount of crime in her neighborhood.

    “For the past two nights we've been hearing a lot of gun shots,” said Vasquez.

    She reached out to her newly elected District Two Councilman William Cruz Shaw.

    She hopes he can help put a stop to the criminals prowling her neighborhood.

    She says her biggest concern is the corner store at the corner of East Houston street and Lynhaven Drive.

    “The Valero store has been hit quite a few times,” said Vasquez.

    Crimes Stoppers is asking for the public's help with efforts to identify a man wanted for aggravate robbery.

    Investigators say the man walked into the Valero located at 4902 East Houston Street on Monday, May 29th, pointed a handgun at the clerk, and stole money. He then took off on foot.

    In the past three months within a mile radius from the store there have been five aggravated assaults, 11 vehicle thefts and one murder.

    “We have to be a community again,” said William Cruz Shaw, District Two Councilman-elect.

    Shaw says building a neighborhood association is the first step. Vasquez says her neighborhood doesn't have one.

    “What we are going to do once we get into office is make sure we hit all of these neighborhoods. We are going to organize and have them establish neighborhood associations,” said Shaw.

    Shaw says neighbors reporting crime would be a big help

    “If people would feel safe making those phone calls, that's the issue. Long term, we got to bring jobs,” said Shaw.

    Shaw says the job can't be done alone, Vasquez understands that.

    “It doesn't just take me to speak. I can't speak for everybody,” said Vasquez.

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