Easy Expunctions: How a local company discovered a new way to clear your record


A company right here in San Antonio has discovered a new way to clear your record -- with a lot less hassle.

Thousands of people living here are held back from jobs and even housing every year because of their record, according to Bexar County officials. However, many don't know those records can be wiped clean. One recent case is going through the process right now.

In a viral cell phone video, two young girls are seen getting arrested by a Bexar County deputy at a Whataburger in Kirby. Officers arrived to a chaotic scene in the parking lot and ordered everyone to leave. The Bexar County Sheriff's Office claimsthe two young girls refused to.

"I'm getting my food together. I guess I wasn't moving fast enough for her. She just decided to get my hat and throw it to the floor, which was so uncalled for," Vanae Wright said.

Venae was the other teen that was arrested that night, along with Leilani Green. Although the charges were dropped, Leilani's future military career was in jeopardy.

Yousef Kassim, CEO of, says his company is like Turbo Tax but for your arrest records. The idea is simple. You create a free account, get a free background check and then you get a qualification report for $20. The report will tell you not only what's on your record, but what will qualify to be removed.

"If you do qualify we'll generate all the revelant legal documents for you, provide you instructions of where to file what to do expect if you have any questions give us a call. 100% money back guarantee," Kassim said.

"The service that easy expunctions is going to provide is going to keep our community safer because people often who have a criminal conviction cannot get housing and they cannot get a job," Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert said.

This ultimately will decrease the unemployment rate.

"I love programs in the mind-set that are a culture that believes in that restorative justice piece for non-violent offenders," Bexar County District Attorney Nico LaHood said.

Leilani's mom says they are waiting on the court to give the official green light on the expungement. Her family will have an answer in September of this year.

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