EXCLUSIVE: Cellphone video shows rogue monkey at airport

Monkey at airport

Exclusive cellphone video shows a monkey wandering around a secured section of the San Antonio International Airport.

"It was literally an army of people in black suits,” said Russ Handy the airport aviation director. “They were able to put this animal in the cage.”

The animal has been identified as a 10-year-old rhesus macaque. Officials tell us he weighs roughly 40 pounds, and his name is Dawkins.

Dawkins walked curiously around a secured section below the airport’s Terminal B for roughly 2 hours.

Officials from multiple local agencies, including the San Antonio Zoo, and ACS, used a tranquilizer gun to apprehend the animal around 5 Monday evening.

He was eventually taken away safely.

"He was never near any aircraft, or other vehicles,” said Rich Stinson from the airport. “He actually came in here, which was probably the safest place for him to go.”

The airport’s baggage handling system was closed for roughly an hour, to make sure the monkey didn’t escape beyond the airport’s secured section.

Authorities from SAT tell us no one was ever in harm’s way.

However, some passengers tell us they had to wait for their checked luggage for more than an hour.

"A unique experience for sure,” said Bill Haffner a passenger. “I don't know if I’ve ever had a baggage delay from a baboon.”

The monkey had been on American flight #1014 from Chicago. He was being transported from Brown University, to an animal sanctuary in the San Antonio area.

We’re told he escaped from his crate during the plane’s unloading process.

Officials from the San Antonio International Airport tell us they’re one, of just 4 airports in the country, with a wildlife biologist on staff.

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