Family finds new hope in search for Maria Llamas


SAN ANTONIO - The Llamas Family is remembering Pete Carreon after his body was found on Thursday. The Llamas Family grew close to the Carreons when Pete went missing 11 weeks ago. Maria's and Pete's disappearances were so similar.

Now that Pete's body has been found, the Llamas Family is thinking of new ways to find Maria.

"We put together search groups," Maria's son-in-law Abel Orta said. Orta helped search for Pete side-by-side with his family.

He said his body was found less than ten minutes from the Carreon family home on private property. That is giving his family ideas for Maria's search.

"We definitely want to go back," Margie Llamas, Maria's daughter said. "You never know because we may have missed something."

Margie said Mr. Carreon was family to her, even though they never met.

Carreon's and Llamas' missing person cases were too similar to ignore. Both were older with Alzheimers.

Sadly, the families' search for Pete came to an end when his body was found Thursday.

"I saw the posting of a decomposed body found," Margie said. "Part of us hoped that it could be our mom too you know, we hope that it would be my Mom."

The Llamas family is still looking for closure. Margie said she is hurting for the Carreons but thankful they are now at peace.

Peace the Llamas family is still looking for. "Every day, it's hard," Margie said. "People think it will get better, but it doesn't."

As another search party is poised to kick off for Maria.

They cannot help to think about the Carreons.

"We are here for them," Margie said.


If you would like to join a search party to find Maria -- you can click here.

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