Family without running water for four days

The Bustamante family claims a subcontractor hit a water pipe over the weekend, leaving their house without running water for several days (SBG Photo)

A Fox San Antonio viewer reached out for help after they say they haven't had running water in the house for four days.

Last Saturday, the homeowner says a guy claiming to be a subcontractor from Houston said he was here to work on his fiber optic cable.

While he was digging he hit the pipe and caused the leak.

The man said he was going to get the parts to fix it, but never came back.

The Bustamante family has been without water since.

“It's ridiculous I got a family that I got to take care of,” said Gilbert Bustamante. “I can't take care of them if i ain't got water.”

To get by, Bustamante has been using five gallon drums from a neighbor.

The guy never shared his name or showed any credentials.

So the moral of this story: Never allow anyone to do any work on your home without verifying who they are first.

Meantime, we've got a call in to SAWS to see if they can help.

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