14-year-old boy shot in head dies, charges against 3 suspects expected to be upgraded

Courtesy: Gebara family

UPDATE: Sunday evening, the family of 14-year-old Angel Gebara confirmed to Fox San Antonio that the boy has died. They will be holding a plate sale soon to help cover the costs of his funeral. Charges against the three suspects in the case could be upgraded. See previous story below...

SAN ANTONIO - A family on San Antonio’s West Side is in disbelief.

"I’m a strong man, but I cried today for the love of my child,” said Sotero Gebara, the father of a 14-year-old boy shot late Friday night.

According to police, more than 45 gunshots were fired around 11 p.m. Friday night along St. Christopher Walk. Two people were hit, including one with life threatening injuries.

"It's a nightmare you can't wake up from, because you’re already awake," said Gebara.

Sotero Gebara says he and his family were standing in their apartment’s kitchen on Friday, when the gunshots first began.

"A bullet came through the window,” Sotero told us. “All of that glass shattered into my face. Next thing I know; my girlfriend was screaming that my son was on the floor not moving or breathing."

Sotero Gebara tells us his 14-year-old son Angel was shot in the head. When we last checked Saturday evening, the boy was in critical condition.

"He's fighting for his life,” said Gebara. “It's senseless out here in the streets already. He wasn't in the wrong to begin with. He was just being a typical 14-year-old boy in the house, in the safety of his own home. Now he's fighting for his life."

Early Saturday evening SAPD arrested 3 people for their alleged connection to the shootings.

Sontera Gebara believes the shootings were random.

"He was a good boy, a really good boy,” said Gebara. “He still is because he's fighting."

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