Friends, family gather to remember slain teen

SBG San Antonio.

Call it a vigil, a time to remember or whatever. No matter the name, it was pretty special.

"We just wanted to make sure we had something beautiful to share her memory with others," said Tammy Cohen, who organized the event at Clark High School on Sunday.

But even Cohen will tell you it's not about the balloons or the pictures.

"She was a beautiful soul. She was always very kind," said Cohen.

It was about 16-year-old Alexa. She was found shot to death along with her sister, London, back on January 10th.

Their mother, Nichol, also found dead that morning. The medical examiner calls her death a suicide.

But what happened to Alexa and London is remains unclear.

"We're just trying to stay strong," said fellow cheer leader Kenzie Bohlken. "It's kind of mixed emotions. It's kind of sad, but it's also good we have this for her."

The stands were full of people who remembered Alexa.

Some more than others.

And her father, Carlos Montez was there too.

As the TV cameras rolled, he did his best to sum up the little girl he loved.

"She was always doing something, Always volunteering, always there," said Montez.

Now he's just trying to figure out how to make it through without his only daughter.

"Our family is going to find it very difficult. She was a very important part of our lives," said Montez.

The crowd moved from the stands at the football stadium to the field.

After a short prayer, they let their balloons go, flying high into the sky.

Alexa's cheer team has a National competition next week. They say they'll be cheering their hearts out in memory of Alexa.

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