Family claims bullying led to teen's suicide


SAN ANTONIO - Fox San Antonio is committed to bringing awareness to cyber-bullying through our series "Make it Stop."

The family of an 18-year-old is struggling to pay for his funeral after he took his own life.

Roger Esquivel, Junior's family says he was bullied at school.

Right before his suicide, Roger's mother says he told her on the phone that he couldn't take it anymore.

"If we are making laws on bullying, then they need to take the action and there needs to be an investigation to find out what persons were responsible for this. If we are making laws, lets enforce them." said Grace Hernandez, President of Hispanic Women for Better Justice

Roger's funeral is Thursday, December 20th 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. at The Holy One Church, located 379 E. Petaluma Boulevard.

His family has only raised part of the money they need to pay for it.

Donations can be made payable to Puente Funeral Home, Services for Roger Esquivel Jr. or call (210) 284-6306.

Editor's note: We previously reported that Esquivel attended a school in the Southwest ISD based on family accounts. We have since learned he did not attend any school in that district.

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