Genene Jones to appear in court this week after psychological evaluation


Convicted killer Genene Jones' is expected to attend court later this week to hear the findings from her psychological evaluation.

Jones, known as the "Angel of Death," will attend a hearing Feb. 14 at about 10 a.m. to go over the findings from a psych evaluation for competency and sanity. She pleaded 'not guilty' of murder in connection with the deaths of Joshua Sawyer on Dec. 12, 1981; Richard "Ricky" Nelson, 8 months, who died July 3, 1981; Patrick Zavala, 4 months, who died Jan. 17, 1982; Rosemary Vega, 2 years old, who died Sept. 16, 1981; and Paul Villarreal, who was 3 months old when he died Sept. 24, 1981, all from overdoses.

Jones, 67, was sentenced to 99 years in prison in the 1980's for the death of a Kerrville baby, but due to a mandatory release law was expected to be released from prison.

Through an open records request last year we obtained a letter Jones allegedly sent to the Texas Nursing Board back in 2011. The letter says in part, "I was not of sound mind then or any time before 1994."

If found guilty Jones faces up to life in prison.

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