German Shepherds attack man, kill pregnant deer in North side neighborhood

German Shepherds attacking a deer after going after a man. ((SBG San Antonio))

SAN ANTONIO -- A pair of vicious German Shepherds attacked a man on the city’s North side and he says he’s lucky to walk away unharmed.

Leonard Votion said he was doing yard work yesterday afternoon on Brogan Drive when he heard a dog running towards him from behind.

“So I swung the dust pan and a broom at it, which started him as I retreated backwards,” Votion said.

A second German Shepherd arrived seconds later and the dogs found a new target, a pregnant doe.

Votion says the deer saved him from being attacked.

"Had it just been myself, without the doe or anything else to distract the dogs, it would have come right at me," Votion said.

Leslie Ann Rice lives on the street and she witnessed the dogs attacking the deer.

She’s been going around the neighborhood warning people about the dangerous dogs.

“Somebody owns these two dogs. They look very similar, there are different markings on them, but they are well kept they were not mangy by any means,” Rice said.

SAPD officers arrived after the dogs had taken off.

Votion said officers were forced to shoot the the deer to put it out of its misery. Officers searched for the dogs but were unable to find them.

In social media posts, SAPD is telling people who live in the area to be careful.

Anyone with information on where those dogs are is urged to call Animal Care Services at 210-207-6000.


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