Grandmother shot while gardening in fenced in backyard

    Grandmother shot while gardening in fenced in backyard (SBG Photo)

    SAN ANTONIO - A 73-year-old grandmother is recovering after getting shot Thursday afternoon.

    Margie Jackson says she had been gardening at her home along Green Spring Drive around 2:30 when a stray bullet hit her shoulder.

    "It felt like the strongest man in the world punched me in the shoulder,” said Jackson. “I had just started pulling out some weeds. That's when I felt the lead. Kaboom.”

    Shot and confused, Jackson didn’t know what hit her.

    “I looked around and thought, there’s nobody around by me,” said Jackson.

    However, when she saw blood running down her arm, she figured out what had happened.

    "I watch enough forensic files on TV to know, that looked like a bullet hole,” said Jackson.

    Police say she was hit from long range. At the same time she had been gardening on Thursday, there was a drive-by shooting along Jung Road. Jackson says the bullet traveled more than a mile before hitting her shoulder.

    “If I had been standing, or a little bit that way, it could have gone straight through,” said Jackson. “My heart isn't far from there.”

    Jackson says she’s swollen and sore, but should be alright.

    Tonight, she has a message for police as they continue looking for the shooter.

    "Get him, them, or whoever it is off the street,” said Jackson.

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