Groundbreaking ceremony for new academic center at Antonian High School

Ground breaking ceremony for new academic center at Antonian High School.

SAN ANTONIO – A new academy is coming to Castle Hills and it will not only help students excel for college but assist those with a learning disability.

The ground breaking ceremony took place Friday at Antonian College Preparatory High School on the North Side.

“It is just going to help anyone and anyone who can grow,” says Francelia Trejo, a senior.

The Center for Academic Excellence is set to be in a 1960s residential facility costing over 1.7M in private funding for the renovations.

“Just expanding the core curriculum to expand the needs of all students,” says Marti West, Superintendent of Catholic Schools.

The center will be bringing a new library and six classrooms and also focus on meeting the needs of students with a learning disability, such ADHD, ADD, and Dyslexia.

“It is just going to help anyone and anyone who can grow,” adds Trejo.

Antonian is already a college prep high school, but the new center will also provide more resources such as tutoring.

“It's going to offer SAT prep and ACT prep to help all those with college.”

It will also have a gym and a fine arts center.

“It is taking Antonian to the next level.”

While at the same time, inspiring other districts.

“It is really important for all schools, all schools in general but all of our schools to look where they have been what they've accomplished and to look to always improve,” adds West.

“As a sophomore it will definitely help me out as I go up with my years in high school,” says Maryshae Woodard, a sophomore.

Phase one of the renovations begin Monday.

For more information on the project, head online.

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