Gun expert weighs in after two accidental San Antonio shootings this week

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Police are investigating 2 possible accidental shootings that occurred in San Antonio this week.

On Wednesday a 3-year-old accidently shot himself in the stomach along the 7100 block of West Loop 1604 North. At last check, that child was in critical condition.

"Unfortunately accidents happen,” said Josh Felker from Lone Star Handgun. “It doesn't excuse it, but they do happen."

Earlier this week, SAPD responded to the 400 block of Chalmers for a teenager with a non-life-threatening gunshot wound. The teens involved claim that this shooting was an accident as well.

Meanwhile, two children shot themselves in separate incidents in Houston. One of those kids remains in critical condition, while the other died.

"You never want to play with what you think is an unloaded gun,” said Felker. “You'll find out that murphy is in effect, and it's a loaded gun.”

A spokesperson from SAPD provided a written statement on accidental shootings.

“According to the Texas Penal Code 46.13, a gun owner could face charges for making a gun accessible to a child,” said the SAPD spokesperson. “Furthermore, we encourage any gun owner to properly secure their weapon(s), and educate any children under their care of the dangers of weapons to ensure a tragedy does not occur.”

Gun owners tell us you have to find a balance between having a loaded gun for protection, and the safety of children.

“They’re a number of options you can go with, but putting it high up in a closet is not the best thing to do, because kids can still gain access,” said Felker.

Felker recommends keeping any loaded firearms with you. However, if you need to put them away, place them in a biometric fingerprint safe.

Felker tells us that fingerprint safes allow for quick access, if you’re in need of protection.

“The hardest thing to open in the middle of the night, when someone is kicking down your door, is a big old gun safe when you’re trying to remember combinations and all of that,” said Felker. “A finger safe works pretty well.”

Experts tell us that you can also take your defense firearm apart, and leave it near your bed if needed.

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