Haven for Hope CEO speaks at Las Vegas forum to help combat homelessness nationwide


Kenny Wilson, CEO of Haven for Hope in San Antonio, is traveling across the country to help other homeless communities.

He spent Thursday of last week in Las Vegas speaking at a public forum known as 'Successes & Insights on Homelessness.'

He focused on Haven for Hope's courtyard system that gives members of the homeless community a free place to sleep and provides them with care.

He says the facility's success is focused on a collaborative effort with help from more than 100 nonprofits.

"It's a big place, immense collaboration and they think, how do we accomplish that for our city," said Wilson.

Haven for Hope's programs have served as a model for other communities who come here to learn more about how the facility is run.

"We know they're working. Thousands have left to get a place to live, to get car, house job, thousands," said Wilson.

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