Haven for Hope thanks private sector help for 8 years of successful operation

(SBG San Antonio photo)

Haven for Hope celebrated it's eighth year of operation with a barbecue plates and live music on Tuesday.

It's an accomplishment that Haven for Hope says would not be possible without the help of private sectors.

"If we did not have NuStar involved. We would have never been able to build Haven for Hope," said Bill Greehey, Chairman of Haven for Hope and NuStar

According to Greehey, more than half of the costs to build the $101 million campus were covered by funding from private sectors.

"We have an operating budget of something like $20 million a year and 60 percent of that comes from the private sector so we're completely dependent on the private sector for most of the funding," said Greehey.

In the last 12 years through NuStar fundraisers, the company raised over $38 million for Haven for Hope.

Without the private donation and volunteers, Haven for Hope says they would not be able to operate. The money helps fund vital staffing and programs.

"If you look at the two biggest expenses we have in people - it would be case workers and security," said Greehey.

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