Holiday shoppers targeted by thieves in the San Antonio area

Holiday shoppers targeted by thieves in the San Antonio area

Holiday heartbreak for one Pearsall family that had been shopping in the San Antonio area.

"I can't shake off being violated,” said Davina Rodriguez. “That was just not a good feeling."

The couple had spent Sunday shopping around San Antonio for Christmas gifts. According to Davina, and her husband Logie, they stopped to eat at an Alamo Ranch Buffalo Wild Wings that night.

"He stayed in the truck for a little bit, and when the food was ready, he came in,” said Davina.

They Pearsall couple says they parked in front of the restaurant, and watched their car from inside. However, they didn’t notice anything unusual until they went back outside.

"He asked me if I had moved everything out of the truck,” said Davina.

Their truck’s back window was busted, and their hidden gifts were gone.

“They took everything,” said Davina. “They wiped us out. It looked like they vacuumed our truck in a matter of seconds.”

The couple estimates that roughly $3,500 worth of birthday and Christmas gifts for their 4 kids were taken.

"I’m hoping that some kid got the presents that we were being blessed with, and that they're being blessed,” said Davina. “I feel horrible."

A sign outside the restaurant does warn customers about possible burglaries. The couple believes they could have been followed, and watched, from a nearby store.

"My kid’s Christmas was taken away in a matter of 15 minutes,” said Davina. “It was gone, all gone."

Below are some holiday safety tips provided by the San Antonio Police Department.


Shop with someone, not alone

Purses and wallets. Don’t leave them unattended, even for a minute Don’t carry a lot of money Put cash, credit cards, identification in different places or pockets If rushing, still be aware of surroundings Never leave children alone in store, car.

If children get lost, tell them to find police officer or cashier ATM machine, keep in mind people can be watching


Park in well-lit area

Always lock doors

Drive with windows closed

Use any anti-theft device like alarm, steering wheel lock, kill switch Hide valuables, bags Don’t leave children in cars

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