Home improvement programs could cost you down the line


Two housing programs open for applications are helping families improve their homes in the short term but you may be paying for the improvements down the line.

Whether its a leaky roof, or a full rehab for your home right now the City of San Antonio is preparing to help nearly three hundred families, but the costs could take you to the tax office in the near future.

The City of San Antonio shelling out big bucks for two city wide programs to improve your home.

Veronica Soto, Director of Neighborhood and Housing Services says it's all to help the families, but also take a step towards a common goal.

"Everything from foundation down to the roof to anything in between, ADA, new windows, any major upgrades to the systems in the house,” said Soto, "Neighborhood Stability, because those families get to stay in their houses for a longer period of time, Quality of life is much improved with the under one roof program, the savings they get is money in their pocket they can use for something else...."

That something else could be rising property taxes.

"We do have some concerns about some rising property issues, rising property taxes, there are other areas in our department where we're looking at the valuations and other relief we may be able to offer but we have to work with the state law on that as well." Soto said.

But Soto is confident the changes made will not be cause for rising taxes.

"That's not happening, we don't see that for the roof program we're spending under 12 thousand dollars on roof so it's not significantly enough to increase that but quality of life and home are secured." Soto said.

Both the under one roof and owner-occupied rehab applications are open right now, and you can apply for both programs

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