Hundreds of illegal dumping violations across San Antonio, data reveals

    (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

    Code enforcement is cracking down on a number of violations and one of them is illegal dumping.

    Illegal dumping is a big problem across San Antonio.

    Crews pick up all kinds of trash on public and private property, including Ira Lee Road where the city has monitored in the past.

    Code enforcement officials said they have been working closely with the San Antonio police department and solid waste to solve the problem. City records showed over the last three years thousands of complaints have been made.

    The issue is costing the city more than $300,000 every year to clean up the mess. The city installed cameras in October 2018 in several undisclosed areas as part of a pilot program to track down illegal dumpers.

    Some of the hot spots, include Ira Lee Road near Austin Highway and Loop 410.

    "We do have some vacant lots that are private property that do get dumped on but we also have a lot of city right of way or even TxDOT or railroad right of way some areas people feel they can sneak in and dump a load of trash and debris on," said Michael Shannon, department of development services director.

    We filed a request to see how many violations have occurred in this year. There were 375 violations in August, 233 in October and 324 in November.

    If you see illegal dumping happening in your area make sure to report it to the city by calling 311.

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