Investigations into inappropriate teacher-student relationships continue to climb

Investigations into inappropriate teacher-student relationships continue to climb (Graphic: SBG San Antonio)

The number of investigations into inappropriate teacher-student relationships across the state continues to climb.

The Texas Education Agency sent Fox San Antonio the following numbers:

Inappropriate relationship investigations by year to date starting from September 1st - March 31st:

  • 2015: 85
  • 2016: 114
  • 2017: 159

Fox San Antonio asked our largest school district in the area if they reported any inappropriate relationships to the TEA this school year from the September 1st- March 31st time frame:

  • Judson I.S.D reported 1 case
  • San Antonio I.S.D. reported 1 case
  • North East I.S.D, the second largest district in the city reported 2 cases
  • Northside I.S.D reported 2 cases

The Texas Education Agency can't say exactly why the number of cases are growing, but adds two things could be possible.

"One, an increased use in electronic and social media by both educators and students leads to cases like these starting; and two, increased attention in the press could be leading to additional reports to our Educator Investigations unit," said Lauren Callahan with the TEA.

Retired Teacher Byron Hildebrand, who is currently with The Association of Professional Educators, says the organization is currently sending attorney's across the state to talk to future teachers about the issue.

"Trying to prepare them, to get them ready for these situation," added Hildebrand.

Meanwhile, Texas lawmakers are trying to pass tougher laws this legislative session to address the problem.

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