Investigators search for wheel & tire thieves

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    SAN ANTONIO - Bexar County detectives are investigating a string of wheel and tire thefts.

    Investigators say thieves are targeting trucks and SUV's.

    In a community full of trucks and SUV's neighbors are on edge.

    That's because there's been a recent rash of thefts targeting wheels and tires.

    "You almost look around is it just more, can't believe it," said Chris Nichols.

    Chris Nichols was heading to work, when he found his new GMC Sierra in bad shape.

    "Half on blocks and half on the ground," Nichols said.

    "It's something you hear about but you don't really see it too often and to have it happen to you it's pretty disappointing," Nichols said.

    And he's not the only one. It's happened so much neighbors are alerting one another on social media to keep watch.

    "It really brings the neighborhoods together," said Nichols. "You see a lot of people who are supporting one another, checking cameras and checking their different surveillance videos to see if they can help identify who's doing it, what time they're doing it."

    Whoever's hitting up trucks and SUV's are striking at night.

    "I think sometime between midnight and five o'clock in the morning," Nichols said.

    They're moving fast and not making a lot of noise.

    "I think they knew what they were doing for sure," Nichols said.

    Jordan Diehl has two SUV's but he also has motion activated security cameras.

    "It's good to have," Diehl said. "I can keep an eye, I can just pull it up on my phone check on what's going on at the house."

    Nichols says neighbors looking out for neighbors and adding layers of security helps keep everyone safe.

    "With wheel locks and different protections we have sometimes that's not enough," Nichols said.

    Investigators are in the process of reviewing security camera video to track down suspects.

    If you have information that might help, you're asked to call Bexar County Sheriff's Department (210) 335-6070.

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