'It's an honor to call him my friend', Chief Hood remembers Damon Billeck's legacy

Courtesy: Brian Billeck

SAN ANTONIO- Gone but not forgotten. A brave 13-year-old lost his battle with cancer on Tuesday.

Damon Billeck made an impact on not just the community but also the San Antonio Fire Department and Chief Charles Hood.

“When I think about Damon I smile,” said San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood.

There was always something special about Damon Billeck. San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood knew it from the moment they first met. They even grew a special bond

“He's a hero. He's an absolute hero and it's an honor to call him my friend and it's an honor for him to have been in love with fire fighters and to be in love with this fire department,” Chief Hood said.

Damon was a fighter, a true inspiration.

His spirit and positive energy inspired the entire fire department.

They worked together to repurpose an old fire truck bell into a ‘cancer bell’ that's now inside University Hospital.

Every time that bell rings, it signifies a child's completion of chemotherapy.

“It makes me proud to be part of that and when you talk about legacy it’s like how does a 12-year-old, 13-year-old kid have a legacy and this kid does. Yesterday as I left his room I went by that bell and I took a picture of that bell and that bell is going to be there forever” Chief Hood said.

Damon’s strength will forever be remembered.

“I'm a better person, I'm a better man, a better father because of meeting somebody like this and you never think in this platform of being a firefighter or being a fire chief that we impact so many people but a lot of times you run into people and an 11-year-old at that time that has impacted me and I’ll remember this kid for the rest of my life,” Chief Hood said.

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