Judge denies defense request for acquittal in Uresti trial

State Senator Carlos Uresti (right) is facing 11 felony charges, including fraud. (SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO, Texas -- The federal judge in the trial of State Senator Carlos Uresti has denied a defense request to acquit Uresti of all charges pending against him.

Uresti is facing 11 felony charges. He's accused of being a part of the Four Winds logistics company that federal prosecutors say was a fraud. Uresti was legal counsel for the company and received a percentage of the company's earnings.

The trial started two weeks ago, and the prosecution has now rested their case. Prosecutors called more than a dozen witnesses to the stand, including several people who invested hundreds of thousands and even millions into the now bankrupt company. Many of those investors lost a majority, if not all, of the money they put into it.

The judge denied Uresti's request for acquittal, saying the government has proven their case, meaning the judge believes there is sufficient evidence for a jury to convict should they decide to do so.

The defense's case is expected to take about a week to present their case.

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