Jury awards $8 million to Mott family in missing body case

Jury awards $8 million to Mott family in missing body case

UPDATE at 3:42 p.m.: A jury has awarded $8 million to the Mott family after their daughter's body disappeared from a funeral home in 2015. The jury awarded $1.5 million to each of Julie Mott's parents for "past mental anguish" and an additional $2.5 million was awarded to each parent for "future mental anguish."

The jury found that the funeral home was negligent, but not grossly negligent.

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A jury is now deliberating the case against a funeral home following the disappearance of Julie Mott's body.

Her family is suing Mission Park Funeral Home for negligence after her body disappeared from the facility in 2015. Her remains were to be cremated; her body was taken following a memorial service. Her remains are still missing.

Closing arguments wrapped up in the civil trial against Mission Park Funeral Home just after 12 p.m.

Lawyers representing the Mott family argued the funeral home is to blame, citing locks and key codes that had not been changed in years. But the funeral home pointed to other factors, including Mott's ex-boyfriend.

The Mott family is seeking anywhere from $2.5 to $10 million dollars.

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