Kidnapping for ransom schemes

kidnapping for ransom schemes

SAN ANTONIO -- Federal authorities say two men from Laredo are in custody after an alleged kidnapping for ransom scheme.

21-year-old John David Pavon and 21-year-old Juan Manuel Ancira of Laredo are facing charges for conspiracy to violate interstate communications by demanding money prior to releasing two hostages.

The criminal complaint alleges two male victims identified Pavon and Ancira as individuals involved in their kidnapping and held them against their will.

Former Deputy Special Agent in Charge for Homeland Security Investigations Harry Jimenez says while he can't specifically talk about the latest case in Laredo, he's seen plenty of kidnapping for ransom schemes.

"They treat people like cattle." Jimenez spent 30 years working for the federal goverment and says these kinds of case are not that uncommon.

He shared pictures of examples through out South Texas where gates are chained, bars are on the windows, people are crammed into houses and cars.

He recalls one particular case where a man was duct-taped and tortured. "They were using a hammer and they were hitting his hand, knuckles, added Jimenez.

Jimenez who is now with Bexar County is the Deputy Chief for the Community Readiness and Intelligence Division.

Jimenez says the Bexar County Sheriff's Office is working together with other agencies, including along the border to build better partnerships ebcause what's happeing at the border doesn't stop there.

"We're going forward, we're preventing and making sure that our citizens are safe."

Jimenez says if you see something suspicious happening in your neighborhood report it, becuase you never know what may be going on behind closed doors.

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