King Jay Davila's tragedy raising awareness on child abuse


The death of 8-month-old baby King Jay Davila is having lasting effects on the city of San Antonio.

Child advocates say the tragedy has spread awareness on child abuse and neglect. Some, either suffering or witnessing abuse, are breaking their silence and reaching out for help.

"There's been so conversation since the death of baby king jay and although we can't stop what has happened, turn back the clock, we can certainly use this situation to do positive things in our community," said Pamela Allen of Eagles Flights Advocacy and Outreach.

After the balloon release near the site where King Jay's body was buried, she received calls from people asking for help.

In one situation, a family member of a 2-year-old girl contacted Allen desperate for assistance. The person knew that the toddler was being hurt. She provided Allen with a photo of the child with a serious injury to her face.

"We need you to help us now and when they sent us that picture, I immediately reached back to them and said let's do this, let's do this and we went into action," said Allen.

She intervene and was able to help get the toddler out of that situation.

"We were able to get a child to safety because of all of the exposure and awareness that is now being created in our city because of this tragedy," said Allen.

King Jay's funeral services were made private but Allen has coordinated a public memorial for the community to come pay their respects.

The community memorial service will be held at Christian World Worship Center located at 6633 Walzem Rd on Saturday, February 2 at 11 a.m.

There will also be a planting-ceremony near the site where the baby's body was found.

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